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Coretex is a coated hooklink material with a soft inner braided core woven from an exceptionally strong fibre that offers superb strength and reliability. This is bonded within an outer sheath which gives protection from abrasion, while providing good anti tangle properties and the required stiffness for advanced rigs. Coretex is coated with a low visibility camo finish which is available in a choice of Weedy Olive, Gravelly Brown or Silty Black and the latest edition Sandy Yellow.

Available in various weights 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb and 35lb.
Coretex Options
Code Details RRP  
CAC167 Coretex - 15lb Weedy Grn POA Store Locator more
CAC168 Coretex - 20lb Weedy Grn POA
CAC169 Coretex - 25lb Weedy Grn POA
CAC170 Coretex - 15lb Gravelly Br POA
CAC171 Coretex - 20lb Gravelly Br POA
CAC172 Coretex - 25lb Gravelly Br POA
CAC173 Coretex - 15lb Silty Blk POA
CAC174 Coretex - 20lb Silty Blk POA
CAC175 Coretex - 25lb Silty Blk POA
CAC222 Coretex - Sandy 15lb POA
CAC223 Coretex - Sandy 20lb POA
CAC224 Coretex - Sandy 25lb POA
CAC402 Coretex - 30lb Weedy Grn POA
CAC403 Coretex - 30lb Gravelly Br POA
CAC404 Coretex - 30lb Silty Blk POA
CAC405 Coretex - 30lb Sandy Yel POA
CAC406 Coretex - 35lb Weedy Grn POA
CAC407 Coretex - 35lb Gravelly Br POA
CAC408 Coretex - 35lb Silty Blk POA
CAC409 Coretex - 35lb Sandy Yel POA