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Fox Black Label QR Stabiliser

Product Overview

  • Helps secure your bankstick in place in loose ground.
  • This stabiliser has been designed to be added to a bankstick whilst it is already in the ground
  • Attaches via a clamp style brace with double click features
  • Click 1 allows the stabiliser to be fastened onto the bankstick and then slid down to secure into the ground.
  • Click 2 then locks the stabiliser into position
  • Eliminates the situations when the bankstick is pushed into the ground but then needs to be stabilised because the ground is too soft. At this point the bankstick usually needs to be removed from the ground and the stabiliser added for the process to be repeated
  • Simply click the stabiliser on when required and push into position
  • Compatible with all new Black Label banksticks including QR Power Point banksticks