Going Deep

Over 12ft is deep to most anglers, and many shy away, but what about venues that are two, three and four times that? Ches Boughen says not to fear them…

Magical Wraysbury

After a great first season on Wraysbury, we catch up with Liam Hodges to see what has helped him succeed at this most historic venue.

Film: Floater Fishing

Lee Mozza Morris, Ian Chillcott and Mark Pitchers star in this brand new 1 hour video full of all out surface fishing action!
There are savage surface takes, drama filled battles and some seriously cool carp caught by all 3 anglers!

The Session 2

The Fox team's annual social session took them to Old Mill Lakes in Lincolnshire, where they would target Birch Lake. This incredible venue holds some very special and not to mention rather large carp. Expectations for the trip were high, but nobody was prepared for what was going to happen during their three day stay!

Choose Your Own Path

By taking some and ignoring other local advice, TOM MAKER proved that his tried and trusted tactics could come up trumps at a venue he’d never fished before, Old Mill Lakes.