Fishing Naked

Before you run for the hills, it’s not how it sounds! Instead, Lewis Porter reveals why he’s ditched leadcore and other leaders for a stealthier, straight-through main line approach.


For the first time in what seems like forever we finally managed to get the majority of the Fox team of consultants in one place to enjoy a session together. Luckily we had the cameras there to film it!


Shallow Lakes

This is the time of year when carp folklore dictates that carp spend more time in the shallows. Mark Pitchers reveals how he fishes for them…

Two Rigs For All Seasons

When we asked Tom Maker to reveal the two rigs that he’d happily take anywhere, the result was maybe not as obvious as you’d think…

Chilly's Vlog 5

Catch up with Ian Chillcott via the latest instalment of his hugely popular video diary Chilly's Vlog...