Guest sessions – Behind the Film

Episode two of Guest Sessions was filmed back in the early Summer of 2018. Jim Wilson had teed everything up for the shoot perfectly and it ended with a film that would make even the most hardened carp anglers arm hairs stand on end. This is Jim's account of that trip that saw him land the fish of his dreams.


Back again with his monthly ramblings, Ian Chillcott discusses the importance of line, what he uses and how he uses it. He feels it is a subject not discussed as much as it should be as using the correct line will have a far higher impact on your catch results than what bivvy or bed chair you have.


Watching the water is the biggest edge in carp fishing and the more you watch the water the more likely you are to get a glimpse of something that will trigger you into an action that will result in a carp on the bank. Ian Chillcott is a staunch believer that fishing from an open fronted shelter will undoubtedly catch you more fish and in this piece he details his thought process behind that...


It can sometimes appear that hooks are not the most important part of the carp fishing equation anymore. Now, I’m not saying our bankside accommodation and comfort isn’t a major part of our angling, I thrive on the quality and performance of Fox’s temporary housing. If you feel good, you’re probably going to do good! However, I have always believed that no matter how good the shelter may be, the biggest thing that keeps me warm and makes me smile, is to hold a carp up for the cameras. And that is achieved by ensuring the one item of tackle no one ever sees, is thought more of than anything else we carry onto the banks. The problem, for a lot of people, is that this part of the jigsaw seems to get lost in the maelstrom of following fashion. Prioritise your tackle selection, and the first, most important part of our equipment, should be the hook.

Winter Watercraft

You can only catch what’s in front of you! In winter, there’s not a truer saying. Location in the colder conditions is THE most important factor in catching during the freezing temperatures.