Stick To Your Guns

Mark Pitchers used to be a carp angler that would ‘fine down’ for winter but these days with much more experience under his belt he does the opposite approach, and with good reason…

Winter Tips

Top all-round carp angler and Fox consultant Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris reveals his 10 best tips for making this winter your most successful ever!

Winter Preparations

Dean Watson

Without a doubt this is my favourite time of year to be behind the rods, when the finger tips of winter creep in. Having everything prepped and ready with the right kit to hand should put you in a strong position for a good winter campaign. Here’s a few of my key points to look at when planning for a winter of chasing Carp.

3 Ways To Up Your Winter Game


The prolific carp-catching machine reveals a trio of tactics that he believes carp anglers would do well to remember during these colder months…

Facebook Q&A

Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott

We invited our followers on Facebook to ask questions to long-serving Fox consultant Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott and we picked 10 of the best ones for him to ask exclusively for Syndicate members…