BAIT BOAT Vs CASTING | Birch Grove | Carp Fishing Rewind

In this episode of Carp Fishing Rewind we join Fox Brand Manager Scott Day and big carp specialist Jim Wilson on the historic Birch Grove. Being a small, heavily pressured venue the fish are constantly on edge and it takes some detailed thinking to work them out. Employing both bait boat and casting tactics we get to see which method faired better during the session and then discuss that in detail with Harry Charrington in the studio.

Carp Fishing with Solid PVA Bags | WIN A PVA BUNDLE | SIMPLE Solid Bag Rig

Mark Pitchers heads down to East Delph lakes and details everything you need to know about fishing with Solid PVA Bags. In this film, Mark gets off to a slow start but after finding feeding fish in the corner of the lake his luck changes quickly. Lowering a Solid Bag in to an area of feeding carp, Mark manages to get a quick bite and puts fish on the bank.


Carp fishing extraordinaire Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott talks through some of the lessons and key notes he's learnt in his many years of angling.


In this brand new series, Lee 'Mozza' Morris takes his son Llewyn carp fishing for the first ever time! Mozza helps Llewyn with the basics of casting, through to tying up a rig and playing fish! If you're new to carp fishing or are looking at taking your kids fishing, this is a great film to help with the basics!