Carp Fishing Rewind | Episode 1 | Mark Pitchers

In this first episode of the BRAND NEW Carp Fishing Rewind series, we capture Mark Pitchers in session at Westmoor Farm Fishery, where he tries his hardest to extract the stunning residents of Jacquis Pool! It doesn't end there though, as we have top carp fishing pundit, Harry Charrington, in the studio with Mark post session to analyse his every move! Think Match of the Day - but with stunning carp 😉

Mozza Vs LewDog | CARP FISHING

With 7 losses out of 8, Mozza's tail is between his legs and he desperately needs a win (not only for his confidence, but also for his job according to his next opponent!). In this match he faces Fox International Group Marketing Manager, Lewis Porter, at the stunning Linbrook Carp Fishery. There are plenty of fish, plenty of laughs and of course the all important forfeit at the end! Can Mozza finally win again?

THE CHALLENGE | Three, Three, Thirty | EP23 (Mark Pitchers Carp Fishing)

With unseasonably cold conditions, Mark is on the back-foot from the outset of this episode of The Challenge! Add to that he has to catch three carp on three different tactics and one has to be over the magical 30lb barrier. Of course, Harry is up to his usual tricks and puts a spanner in the works instantly with a major plot twist! You can expect, plenty of laughs and some amazing looking carp in this episode!