Guest Sessions

Introducing a new video series from Fox 🙌, where big fish 🐳 hunter Lewis Porter is joined by a guest angler on a venue that showcases the style of fishing 🎣 that they love to do. Lewis picks their brains and gets to know exactly why that angler is so successful. The first guest is none other than Tom Maker 🍔 and of course he is at Linear Fisheries. This time he is on Manor Farm lake and in true form Tom quickly works out what the fish want and enjoys a classic bumper session!

Approaching A New Venue

With the new season upon us and many people joining new venues; we joined Jim Wilson on a day ticket water to see how he approaches a venue he has never fished before.

Carp Coach 5

This episode of Carp Coach with Tom Maker focuses on fishing in high pressure conditions this spring. When the air pressure is upwards of 1030 catching carp can be incredibly tricky, however Tom believes there are ways that you can turn potential blank sessions into ones to remember!


When it comes to coated braid hook link materials, the newly upgraded Camotex is the best out there and will cover you for all eventualities, according to Harry Charrington

Mozza VS Bartlett

The second instalment of 'Mozza Versus' is just as difficult, if not more so than the first! As if punishment from Harry Charrington wasn't enough, this time Mozza faces World Champ, European Champ and back to back British Champ - Mr Mark Bartlett! Do you think Mark will deal him another bout of punishment? Or will Mozza strike back and cause a serious upset? Tune in to find out!