Mark Pitchers Top 3 Winter Hookbaits

Mark Pitchers

Mark Pitchers is one of the most experienced winter carp anglers in the UK, fishing just as much through the harsh colder months as he does during the Spring and Summer periods.

Cold-Water Carping

Steve Spurgeon

Long-time UK carper, Steve Spurgeon, draws on 30+ years of experience to reveal some handy little edges for catching carp as the water temperatures start to drop...

The St Lawrence Experience

Adam Clewer

Fox-sponsored Adam Clewer has just returned from a cracking session at the aptly titled, St Lawrence Experience’ in upstate New York, America and has kindly agreed to share these experiences here on!

Mark Pitchers Q&A

Mark Pitchers

We asked our friends on Faceboo to suggest questions for us to ask Mr Carpy Mark Pitchers – here are 10 of the best ones for you to enjoy...

8 Tips for Short Sessions

Steve Spurgeon

We have delved into the mind of top short session angler Steve Spurgeon and asked him to share with his fellow Syndicate members the secrets to his continued success when fishing on limited time...