Fishing the leeward bank with some sun on my face… perfect winter conditions.


Fish The Warmer Areas

If you are fortunate enough to be out on a clear day and the sun is shining, no matter how weak that sunshine might be, the area of the lake it hits the most and for the longest is a great starting point. I have lost count of how often just walking a few hundred yards to an area of the lake where the sun is reaching can feel several degrees warmer, like being on another lake almost. If we can notice this then I’m fairly sure the carp can too and, okay, the difference in cool water is perhaps not as exaggerated, but it will still be evident, especially to carp which are very sensitive indeed to any slight temperature change. From your own perspective, sitting on a bank that is receiving plenty of warm sunshine is a heck of a lot more tolerable, and you know what they say about a comfortable angler being an efficient angler. Keep an eye on any wind as well, especially cold easterlies and suchlike. I’d hazard a guess that the area of the lake on the back of such winds will see more carp. The ideal scenario is a warm sun beating down on the leeward bank, so if you can get into such a position then do so!


A bit of winter sun can make all the difference to your own comfort as well.