Carping Through The Decades | The Challenge | Mark Pitchers | Carp Fishing

In this episode of The Challenge, Mark must catch Carp using tackle, bait and methods inspired by each decade, dating back to the dawn of modern Carp Fishing. In which order Mark decides to complete this challenge is completely up to him BUT Harry will have the final say on whether Marks tactics meet his standards! In order to complete this Challenge, Mark will need to catch 8 Carp on tactics from 8 different Decades! Can Mark put together enough Carp to complete this challenge whilst meeting Harry's standards?! Watch now to find out!

Carp Fishing on Deep Lakes | Mark Pitchers | Ladywood Lakes

Mark Pitchers has used zigs to devastating effect over the years and in this video he shows us his favourite way to fish Zigs. The Adjustable Zig is a simple and effective way of fishing with Zigs and having the ability to change depths, with very little fuss, is one of the many reasons it's favoured by top anglers! We join Mark on a short session at Ladywood Lakes where he runs us through the What, Why and Where to Adjustable Zig fishing. If you have ever been confused by zig fishing then this video could have all the answers that you are looking for!

The Tactic We DIDN'T Tell you about 🤫| Chasing Giants | Carp Fishing

This Summer the Fox Team had an awesome trip to The Farm Lake in France, catching GIANTS! In this video we will be looking in detail, at the tactics we didn't tell you about in the film. These are the tactics used by Harry and Shaun that landed these HUGE carp! Do you want to know how the Fox Team landed carp up to 69lbs? Watch now to find out just how you could do the same.