Belgium Canals | Making it Happen EP 3 | Carp Fishing (1)

Tom Maker is renowned for catching big hauls of carp on busy UK day ticket lakes, and more recently his syndicate. The style fishing he does is extremely effective, but he does open himself up to the critics thinking he is a 'one trick pony'. In this episode, we challenged Tom to visit Belgium and the infamous canals it is known for amongst carp anglers.

It's by no means an easy feat, with the weather changing throughout the week and ending with sleet and snow, but the question remains; can Tom 'Make it Happen'?

Catch Carp on Supermarket Baits - Simple & Easy Methods | Mark Pitchers

Using Boilies isn't the only way to catch carp! In this video, Mark Pitchers show us just how simple and effective bait from your local Supermarket can be. We join Mark on a 24 hour session (well 20 hour session) at East Delph Lakes where he throws it back to his early carp fishing career and catches carp on SPAM, Peperami and ready tied rigs.

Using Forgotten Carp Tactics | Carp Fishing | Steve Spurgeon

There are some methods that tend to be forgotten as the carp world evolves with rigs and tactics. In this video, Essex' favourite carp angler, Steve Spurgeon, revisits some tactics that have proven to be very successful for him in years gone by. Steve manages to catch some lovely fish at Blasford Hill Fishery, a tricky little venue with some stunning carp!