LewDog's Vlog Episode 2

Join our very own Lewis Porter AKA LewDog for the second episode of his mew Vlog series. 

Mozza VS Maker

The loveable Mozza is back again to face another Fox consultant and arguably the most challenging consultant of the Fox team - none other than the carp coach himself, Tom Maker! Mozza was narrowly defeated by Mark Bartlett in the previous episode, but can he fire himself up enough to beat Tom Maker against all odds? Tune in to find out!

Singling Out The Bigguns

Singling Out The Bigguns

On many well-stocked day ticket waters, selecting the better fish can sometimes be a tricky proposition. MARK PITCHERS reveals a few ways in which he sets about doing exactly that…

Guest Sessions 2

Think big UK gravel pit... Think low stock... Think large, beautiful, dark, scaly carp! This episode of Guest sessions has everything any carp angler could dream of; two anglers, Lewis Porter and Jim Wilson tackling the unknown quantity of The Ski Pit and coming out on top. Mega!

Boilie and Pellet Only

Mark Bartlett reveals how he approaches the increasing number of fisheries that restrict anglers to boilies and pellets only…