Tom Maker is a complete natural at when it comes to long range fishing. It is something he does regularly in his angling and in this episode of Carp Coach he gives you his no nonsense guide to fishing at distance. 


Harry Charrington - Solid Approach

Too often used as an after thought or back-up tactic, Harry Charrington reveals why solid bags have been his front-line attack this year… and with great success!

NEW FILM: Underwater Answers 4

Join Rob Hughes on his latest dive into the depths of Wraysbury South lake to take a detailed look at weed. Rob explores the problems weed can cause and he provides some potential solutions. Also there is an underwater test for Harry Charrington as he tries to find out where he is more likely to get bites from, in the weed, or on a clear spot. If you fish a weedy lake then watching this is an absolute must!

NEW VIDEO: Mozza Versus

Welcome to a brand new series 'Mozza Versus', where Lee 'Mozza' Morris will be competing in 24 hour matches against Fox anglers at a range of venues throughout the year! Serious bragging rights are at stake so this will be highly competitive! The first episode sees Mozza take on none other than Harry Charrington, a master at match fishing! This will be no easy task but can he get a surprise victory? Tune in to find out!