Guest Sessions 2

Think big UK gravel pit... Think low stock... Think large, beautiful, dark, scaly carp! This episode of Guest sessions has everything any carp angler could dream of; two anglers, Lewis Porter and Jim Wilson tackling the unknown quantity of The Ski Pit and coming out on top. Mega!

Boilie and Pellet Only

Mark Bartlett reveals how he approaches the increasing number of fisheries that restrict anglers to boilies and pellets only…

The Small things In Life

IAN CHILLCOTT explains why a few simple items that go with him on every trip, help him at least enjoy his bank time, whether catching or not.


Join Mark Pitchers as he attempts to pass episode 19 of The Challenge "Back To Basics". The public vote decided that he would have a budget to purchase everything that he needed for a 48hr session. With the Whelford Pool carp playing hard to get Mark would have to pull out all the stops to try and avoid the dreaded fail!

Guest Sessions

Introducing a new video series from Fox 🙌, where big fish 🐳 hunter Lewis Porter is joined by a guest angler on a venue that showcases the style of fishing 🎣 that they love to do. Lewis picks their brains and gets to know exactly why that angler is so successful. The first guest is none other than Tom Maker 🍔 and of course he is at Linear Fisheries. This time he is on Manor Farm lake and in true form Tom quickly works out what the fish want and enjoys a classic bumper session!