Combat the Crayfish

Mark Pitchers

Crayfish really are the ultimate bait robbers; not only can they make short work of any hookbait offerings but also the rig and end tackle in the process! The uncertainty of not knowing if a rig is presented efficiently with the hookbait still intact can be frustrating and even demoralising for the angler, so, in this feature I’d like to highlight a few tips and tactics to ensure you get the best results from these crayfish infested waters.


The Vanishing Act

Rob Hughes

As hunters one of the best ways to increase our chances is to be stealthy. This applies to the way we look and behave on the bank and also what our presentation looks like below the surface. Camouflage and concealment is how we currently deal with this and hiding things or making them blend in, are the norm.

Catching Carp Off The Top

Mark Pitchers

At this time of year the first pieces of kit to be loaded into my van before setting off from home will be my floater fishing gear.

Tackle up Safely

Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott

Do you know in the past 20 years angling I have only ever come across one tethered carp and I fish a lot of waters, probably more than most, so that statistic would indicate we are getting it right most of the time. However, there is one statistic that frightens me a lot. On the vast majority of waters I have angled, at some point I will encounter a carp towing tackle.

Going the Distance

Mark Pitchers

Like most anglers the majority of my angling takes place within comfortable casting ranges of up to around 100 yards, but on larger venues with open expanses of water there will undoubtedly be occasions when the carp will be located beyond these distances therefore it is important that we are up to speed on how to fish at range…