Mark Pitchers

We asked our friends on Facebook to suggest questions for us to ask Mr Carpy Mark Pitchers – here are 10 of the best ones for you to enjoy...

Q1: Adam Sharp What is best for a zig the foam or a pop up trimmed down or just left whole?
MP: My number one choice would always be to use foam in conjunction with an Edges Zig Aligna. Zig Aligna's are clutter-free, really quick to tie and give the perfect presentation and hookholds - I see no reason to use anything else.


Q2: Alan Chapman Custard creams or ginger nuts?
MP: Oooh now that is a tricky one, both biscuits are very carpy. They are both good dunkers and are timeless classics. However, if pressed I'd have to say that due to its little spicy kick I would go for the ginger nuts :)


Q3: Warren Bates Slack lines or bow strings. Which do you recommend?
MP: Simple answer is depends on situation. Less than 20yds I'd use slack lines, between 20-70yds I'd use semi-slack unless its choked with weed then that would be tight lines and anything over 70yds I'd use a tight line. Tight lines are better for bite indication so I'd always prefer them!