Winter Watercraft

You can only catch what’s in front of you! In winter, there’s not a truer saying. Location in the colder conditions is THE most important factor in catching during the freezing temperatures. 


In winter, a solid bag can be just enough bait to entice a bite. We join Harry Charrington on the banks of the picturesque day ticket water, Scotland Pond at Castle Ashby Lakes, Northamptonshire to reveal why and how to present one.

Adjustable Zigs

DEAN WATSON reveals just how incredibly easy the new adjustable Zig Float Kit makes his mid-water fishing and why it will do the same for you.

Autumn Carping

With temperatures falling, the evenings drawing in and the fishing becoming a little more challenging, LUKE CHURCH offers up a few ways in which you can carry on fishing effectively this autumn and beyond…

The Challenge Episode 20

In this episode of The Challenge Mark Pitchers is faced with the possibility of facing his greatest fear, holding a slug in his bare hands for 3 minutes. Pounds of carp equal minutes off his time and should he pass he gets to pick a forfeit for Harry to take on... Who will come out on top? Watch to find out...