I have often wondered how much thought anglers give to the bait they surround their hookbaits with, and what they are trying to achieve. It’s a question I get asked so little, yet it’s a question which I feel has vastly more importance than the obvious, “How do I tie the latest wonder rig please”? No one ever seems to ask; “Where should I position this rig”, and “How do I go about baiting the trap I have set, and the area it is in”? As I have mentioned several times, bait and how I use it, is by far the most important element in carp fishing. Anglers very often blame the rig they are using, and anything else which gets near the carp when they blank, but never look in the one place the answer usually lies….. themselves! Bait creates competition between the carp, and is often the reason we get a take in the first place. Where we place the trap is vital, and the way we bait it will only enhance our chances of a bite still further.Where we place the trap is vital.

I have written, on countless occasions, about finding feeding fish. Areas which can be given away by the bubbles reaching the surface, the bottom clouding the water or carp head and shouldering.First, find your fish.

The vast majority would suggest casting a single hookbait at them, and seeing how it goes. Yes, I have caught a few fish by casting at them when I have felt the need, but it’s such an infrequent “getting a bite” method. So infrequent in fact, if I had a quid for every time it didn’t, I’d be a rather wealthy man. Hope, I’m afraid, is no plan at all!