Underwater Answers PT.3

In this episode of Underwater Answers Rob Hughes is joined by Harry Charrington on the banks of Thorpe Lea in Surrey to take an in-depth look at Zig Rigs and how they look and work underwater. It certainly makes for some interesting viewing and you really can't help learning a thing or two from Rob's findings. 


Fox Rig Guide 2018

WELCOME... to the brand-new Edges ‘How To’ Guide your one-stop shop for mastering the basics of carp fishing.

Fishing Naked

Before you run for the hills, it’s not how it sounds! Instead, Lewis Porter reveals why he’s ditched leadcore and other leaders for a stealthier, straight-through main line approach.


For the first time in what seems like forever we finally managed to get the majority of the Fox team of consultants in one place to enjoy a session together. Luckily we had the cameras there to film it!


Shallow Lakes

This is the time of year when carp folklore dictates that carp spend more time in the shallows. Mark Pitchers reveals how he fishes for them…