We join Lee Morris on a not-so-typical day for surface fishing and probe him about his approach to catching carp off of the top…

What is it that they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men? Well, having booked today’s feature all about surface fishing a couple of weeks in advance, we’re greeted with near-Baltic conditions, surprising given the mini heat wave of the previous few days. However, the water temperature is still very warm and, so, there’s always a chance. To be fair, there’s always a chance with this fella anyway, as he proves brilliantly while we pick his brains.

Fox: Let’s start with a nice simple one, Lee. Controller or bubble float?

LM: That’s a pretty easy one to be fair, as I much prefer a bubble float, and for several reasons. Firstly – and I tend to use a large or XL version – they’re far more versatile. If I want to add any casting weight then I can so by adding water to the float itself. You cannot do this with a controller; any additional casting distance required would mean a change of float all together. Secondly, a bubble float sits far better in the water and there is very little of the float itself beneath the surface unlike controllers, especially bigger ones. Finally, they act almost as a bolt rig, helping to hook the carp on the take. Again, this simply isn’t the case with a controller. I always carry at least 3-4 bubble floats with me just in case I break one, which is worth bearing in mind.Fox: With today’s conditions it seems only right to ask about weather. Does there have to be balmy, tropical temperatures and a still lake in order to target carp off the top?