THE CHALLENGE | Three, Three, Thirty | EP23 (Mark Pitchers Carp Fishing)

With unseasonably cold conditions, Mark is on the back-foot from the outset of this episode of The Challenge! Add to that he has to catch three carp on three different tactics and one has to be over the magical 30lb barrier. Of course, Harry is up to his usual tricks and puts a spanner in the works instantly with a major plot twist! You can expect, plenty of laughs and some amazing looking carp in this episode!


"The Machine" Tom Maker is back and doing what he does best, catching impressive Carp! Tom Maker spends 24 hours at a venue he hasn't fished before, East Delph Lakes. Tom shows you his approach, baiting tactics and how he adapts his rigs to suit the venue. Is this the best looking Carp Tom has ever caught? Tom certainly thinks so!

What a Year That Was

Jim Wilson runs through his 2020 in angling, talking out his sessions, captures and experiences.