We are now well into May, which has to be one of the best months of the year for carp fishing and in this product launch we have a few new items for you to get excited about.

First up are two rods that will sit at the top of the Explorer range, they are a thing of beauty and perform exceptionally well, they are the Explorer Ti’s.

Retractable rods just got even better…

The Explorer Ti’s are the ultimate dual length rod! These are built on a high modulus 2K carbon blank which is lighter, thinner, and stronger than any of their counterparts, but retain a crisp and responsive action, allowing you to cast further than you could have ever before imagined with a retractable rod and ensuring playing fish is an absolute joy.

The rods are fitted with American Tackle Ti-Forged Nanolite Titanium Anti Frap Guides and not only do they look amazing on the blank, but they perform exceptionally well, too - channelling the line through them ensuring minimal friction and reduced frap ups. Of course, the rods feature the unique retractable butt section, as with our other Explorer rods these allow the angler to fish with the rod at 2 lengths, either 8ft or 10ft. To secure your reel we have fitted our favourite 18mm DPS reel seat which flows perfectly into the Full Japanese Shrink wrap handle, this finishes the rod off with a touch of class.

These are the most versatile rods we have ever made with superior casting capabilities allowing you to still use these rods on relatively large venues where you might need to cast in excess of 100 yards. They are of course also perfect for small to medium sized venues, canals, rivers, stalking, bait boat and boat fishing. 

These rods are available in both 3lb and 3.5lb test curve models.


Now, from those lovely new rods to a product that will help secure your shelter in extreme conditions..

The R-Series Bivvy Storm Pack is a kit that offers the angler extra security in severe weather. The polyester carry case with double zips houses perfectly the 6x extra-long 30cm pegs and 6 x easy-to-tension reflective storm cords. 

The extra-long pegs can be driven further into the ground and are particularly useful in softer mud and loose substrates. 

The cords tension very easily and feature a reflective fleck throughout, ensuring they can easily be picked up in the light of a head torch 

This is a great item to always carry with you as in the event of a storm hitting you know you can give your shelter the extra security it may need in the punishing conditions.


Those are the latest additions to the Fox range and will be available very soon.

Best of luck if you are out on the bank this month, we hope you catch a big one!