It's the Fox Summer of 2022 launch and we've have added a host of items this month which are going to help you put more fish on the bank. Starting off are some new additions to the Edges range.

Fox Edges end tackle items have proven to make the difference in countless captures over the years, and we believe our latest new items in certain circumstances can make the difference for you. This is what we have added to the range:


The Edges Running Lead Clip System

This is a lead clip specifically designed to be free running on the line as soon as the fish picks up the rig and shakes it’s head. It has been designed to solve two common conundrums associated with standard safety clip setups: 

  1. The carp using the weight shake the hook out
  2. You want to fish safely but don’t want to lose the weight every time

This Running Safety Clip features a unique rubberised plug which sits on the swivel, held in place with a T Peg. The swivel and plug pull inside the safety clip and provide the perfect amount of pressure to hook the fish against the weight of the lead, but still ensures that once the fish shakes it’s head, the clip is discharged from the swivel and plug and remains running on the line.

In the past you might have crushed a swivel slightly or doctored the safety clip, to get this same effect. But this was time consuming and inaccurate. Now you have the perfect running lead clip, ready to go in kit format. Particularly if you are fishing pressured venues where carp can often shake their heads violently in a bid to use the weight to rid themselves of the hook, then this is the safety clip to use.

The other benefit of these clips is for those of you who would like to fish with a safety clip that doesn’t drop the weight every time but is still super safe in case of a line breakage. In those instances the Edges Running Safety Clip is the number one choice.

Each pack contains; 5x Safety Clips, Tail Rubbers, Plugs, T pegs and Kwik Change Swivels. The clips are styled in our popular Edges Camo, which ensures they are as undetectable as possible when out in the lake.


Edges Impact In-lines

These have taken our original impact inline concept a few steps further, and in doing so we have produced a more compact and streamlined weight that still offers all the same great benefits as the original.

The key benefit is that the point at which the swivel exits the lead is at the weights centre of gravity. This is critical as it means that the full force of the weight is felt straight away by the carp upon the hooklength straightening. This means you will turn more pickups into hooked fish and your hookholds will undoubtably be better.

These weights are ideal for fishing with PVA Bags. Their “weight-forward” design ensures your bags will fly straight, and the hooking properties when used in conjunction with a short braided hooklink are insane.

They are flat sided with the line exiting on one side only, this ensures that due to water resistance on the rig the weight always lands the correct way round on the cast. These have an open slot allowing for easy removal when packing away your rods, and are available in 3oz (85g) and 4oz (113g) sizes.


New Downrigger Backweights

For years our popular Downrigger Back Weights have come with just one large clip to attach the weight to the line. We have now added a smaller clip to the pack, this small clip prevents the weight sliding over your end tackle and ending up on the hooklink, so when you are playing a fish the weight remains above the hooklink at all times.

Downrigger backleads are designed to keep the mainline pinned down, reducing the chance of spooking fish. The clip relies on a friction fit to the weight so in the event of becoming snagged it will release.

These are Available in: 21g (3/4oz), 43g (1 1/5oz) and 57g (2oz) versions and come in packs of 3.

As you can see, we are constantly looking forward and trying to improve our products. Even if the changes are small, we simply want to create the best possible products for you to use. Along those lines is the next batch of products to launch this summer. It is most certainly the greatest monofilament we have ever produced. Say hello to..


Exocet Pro

Exocet mainline has for years been regarded as the very best monofilament mainline on the market and now, we have made it even better. Using all the latest monofilament technology, we have created a mainline that casts even further than before whilst also bettering the Exocet’s already trusted abrasion resistance and sinking qualities. Exocet Pro is now more supple, making it perfect for distance casting in the lower breaking strains, which means that even when you opt for the highest breaking strains you will gain extra yards on your cast when compared to inferior monofilaments.

Exocet has always been known as a fantastic sinking line however, Exocet Pro sinks better than ever before. More of your mainline will be down on the bottom when fishing slack or semi slack lines and it cuts through surface tension quicker when fishing at range, ensuring you can rectify bows in your line far easier.

Your line is the main point of contact between you and the fish which means it must be reliable. The last thing you want to worry about when playing a fish is your tackle letting you down, the Exocet Pro has incredible abrasion resistance and very good knot strength giving you all the confidence you need.

This improved Exocet Pro Mono is available in our proven Low vis green. Lovers of the original Exocet produced before we introduced the Trans Khaki version will be pleased, as we have managed to match that colour perfectly, which performed outstandingly in underwater testing.

Exocet pro comes on 1000m Spools with 250m markers and is available in:

0.261mm 10lbs / 4.55kgs

0.309mm 13lbs / 5.90kgs

0.331mm 16lbs / 7.27kgs

0.350mm 18lbs / 8.18kgs

0.370mm 20bs / 9.09kgs

0.400mm 23lbs / 10.45kgs


Also available is the Exocet Pro Double Tapered Mainline, designed for the angler who is fishing on venues where leaders are banned or who wants to fish at range but does not want a knot in their setup.

Knots can cause unwanted frap ups and Tapered Mainlines undoubtably reduce these. The line tapers from a thick mono to withstand the shock of the cast to a thinner line that reduces friction when flowing through the guides and ensures you can achieve maximum distance. These are double tapered, meaning should you be unfortunate enough to lose your leader you can simply reverse the line onto a fresh spool and continue to fish.

These are available in 0.26-0.50mm, 0.30-0.50mm, 0.33-0.50mm. 

Exocet Pro Tapered Leaders complete the new range and are available in: 0.33-0.50mm & 0.37-0.57mm.


Aquos XL Freezer Pack

Ice packs will improve the effectiveness of your cool bag/box and these will be a great addition to your food storage solution. Being larger they stay frozen for longer, thus prolonging the life of your food. Keeping your food cool whilst on the bank was made better by the addition of the Aquos Cool Bags back in 2021 and as an addition to that range, we now have the Aquos XL Freezer Pack.

The Aquos XL Freezer Pack is probably the carpiest way to keep your food and drinks cool!


Aquos Camo Multi Bag

PVA bag users will LOVE this new product.

The Aquos Camo Multi Bag is an EVA bag featuring a removable insert that helps keep your items separate. This is perfect for people who fish with solid bags, allowing you to keep items such as, PVA bags, loading tools, hookbaits, baiting needles and boilie stops out of your pellet mix but still conveniently in the same bag. The bag also conveniently fits into the front pockets on the explorer barrow allowing easy access to quickly deploy those bags.


Black Label QR XL 3 Rod Aadjustable Buzz Bars

The Black Label QR range is the number one range of bankwear for those of you who regularly fish different venues or a water that offers multiple fishing situations. It makes swapping your bite alarms over from one setup to another very quick and easy. There was one gap in the range and that was for a wider Adjustable Buzz bar so that is exactly what we have made.

An addition to the QR range is the XL 3 Rod Adjustable Buzz Bar, this is for the angler who requires more space in between their rods and reels. The Quick Release mechanism in the Black Label QR range makes changing your rod support option effortless and allows you to quickly customise your setup to the situation you are faced with. The QR system comprises of a QR Pod and a QR base. The QR pod screws onto your Buzzers and Butt Rests and can drop into any QR base on whatever QR buzz bar or bankstick you choose. This XL Buzz bar addition now allows even more anglers to enjoy the benefits of Black Label QR.


Black Fox Head Logo T-Shirt

We have added a new T-Shirt to our clothing range the Fox Head Logo T-Shirt in black. This 100% Cotton T features a small camo Fox Head logo on the chest and a large one on the back.


That concludes the summer launch and we're sure there's loads of bits there that will suit many of you and could help put more fish on the bank.

For more info on any of the products above, please check out our New Products page.