I have been asked on so many occasions, if I could do a carp angling tutorial. Spend twenty four hours with someone, and teach them all I know about carp fishing, and catch them a carp or two whilst I am at it. Looks so good on paper, but in my reality it’s an impossible situation for anyone to be put into; be this the tutor or the pupil. For me it would be about taking anglers to a water which I fish, one from which I want to catch carp from and of course, one I know something about. The worst bit of all for me though, is taking their well-earned money for something I was going to do anyway!Each to his own

I tried a few times, and to be honest, I wouldn’t wish anyone to spend time on the bank with me. First and foremost, the few anglers I did tutorials with thought I would be sitting down with them, rolling off information, and catching carp to order. But whilst I tried to squeeze my brain for the information they wanted, and running around like a headless chicken trying to find a carp to fish for, it became so obvious we all think of carp fishing in so many different ways. It’s not their fault, and much to some’s chagrin, it wasn’t mine either. It’s just that we have to shape our carp fishing to fit in around our own lives, not expecting a 40lb’er every cast. They joy and mystery of carp fishing is learning about ourselves, learning from our own mistakes, making successes from our own failures and enjoying the progressions we make. It’s this part of the game which provides all the mystery we will ever need.For me, the fun of carp fishing is learning for myself