The title of this piece may not suggest it’s all about the tackle and tactics I use, but more about remembering the things which brought me success through the years. After all, my angling journey has covered every stage of carp fishing development since the discovery of the hair rig way back in the early 1980’s. A period in which I have laughed, cried, cheered and cringed at some of the things I was confronted with along the way. From the over exaggerated, soul destroying merry-go-round of rigs, to the amount of bait we should or should not use. And when you throw in a drop or two of what does and does not count, which waters have more credibility and only 40lb’ers are worthy of mention now-a-days, you begin to see what a confusing, rock ‘n’ roll voyage it has become!

We all have our own view on things which lead us onto the path we want to take. Unfortunately, for me, there is also the path ubiquitous fashions and trends take us down. This can drown out the thrill of thinking for one’s self, rightfully crediting yourself when your efforts, stresses and strains are successful. However, there is the odd unfortunate side effect of experiencing as much as I have, and age is probably one of the most obvious. I have just entered my 5th decade of carp angling, years in which I have encountered all the dramas mentioned above. Does this make me a recognised expert in the art of carp angling? Have I got the answer to every problem which we come across daily on the bank? “No, of course not”, would be the simple answer to those questions, but it does pose another. What is it I’ve actually learnt on my journey? And even more to the point, what can I effortlessly pass on to the next generation, young or old?