This is Fox’s latest new product launch and we have got an awesome item of kit arriving in shops very soon that those of you who like to keep mobile are absolutely going to love. It’s a shelter, it’s incredibly lightweight, it’s fast and easy to setup… it’s the Frontier Lite.

A question we were asked thousands of times last year was “can you do a Frontier in a lightweight version?” The answer? Yes we can! And now, we have...

The Frontier Lite is a stripped back "brolly style” version of the Frontier. Weighing just 8kg, it is perfect for the mobile angler looking for a lightweight shelter offering maximum protection and useable space in the most compact footprint. To achieve this impressive weight reduction, we have sized the bivvy the same as the current Frontier, however we have used a lightweight Khaki 10,000mm hydrostatic Head polyester fabric. This is more lightweight than the Ven-Tec fabric used on its elder brothers, however is still impressively resistant to the elements and is a fabric tried and tested on many of our other shelters.

On its own the “Lite” is an open fronted shelter with no front panel and no groundsheet, the number one choice for anglers wanting to carry as little weight and bulk as possible. We know many anglers who simply never use a groundsheet or front panel, so if you are one of those then this is a fantastic option. For those who would like the benefits of a little more protection however, there is a solid front panel, storm poles and groundsheet all available separately. It is also worth noting that the Vapor peak and mozzy mesh front panels that are available for the original Frontier will also fit perfectly onto this shelter if you wish to have that option.

The Frontier lite also shares many of the features that have cemented the original at the forefront of bivvy design. These include:

  • The Unique patented, ETS boss with re-enforced Aluminium Skeleton
  • Quick setup and pack down
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • High, flat back for increased useable space and headroom
  • Moulded keyed elbow joints to ensure perfect frame alignment
  • The elbows feature retaining brace for the vapour peak
  • Camo Mozzy vents at rear
  • Four internal mesh storage pockets, two at front and two at rear
  • Fabric tension straps
  • The Shelter is supplied in a double zipped carry bag large enough to accommodate a groundsheet, solid infill panel and Storm poles


From a show stopping shelter to a tiny little EDGES™ product that is designed to help create an area the carp feel safe when feeding around your hookbait. 

This is the new EDGES™ Removable Flying Backweight.

Flying Back Weights are designed to slide back up the mainline during the cast to help pin down the line in the vicinity of your rig, reducing the chance of spooking fish.Whilst we know Flying Back Weights are nothing new, the difference with these is that they can be added to a set up at any point, preventing the need to dismantle your rig. They can easily be added by pushing the line through the slot in the plastic part of the weight, then bringing the two parts together with the slots in opposing directions.

Being removable it means that if during your session you believe the fish are spooking off your line you can add the flying blacklead on your next cast. It also means you can remove them from your line at the end of the session to ensure they do not rattle against your rod, potentially damaging it in transit.

As we're sure you'll agree, two great new products at completely opposite ends of the spectrum launching this month. For more info be sure to check out our new products page, and to reserve yours, speak to your local Fox stockist.