You can only catch what’s in front of you! In winter, there’s not a truer saying. Location in the colder conditions is THE most important factor in catching during the freezing temperatures. 

Although watercraft ultimately comes with the experience of fishing different types of lakes in a range of conditions, there are some pointers that we can give to help guide you to winter success. The more experience you have, the easier you will find it to piece together the whole winter carp fishing jigsaw.

 The Weather 

First things first, take note of the weather, and more importantly the wind directions, pressures and temperatures. Just like humans, carp will focus on areas that are warm so anywhere that will provide this and you are sure to find our quarry nearby. We all have phones with weather apps on and compasses, so there are no excuses.The weather conditions are key in winter. 

Southerlies and Southerwesterlies combined with a rising air temperatures will be great winds to try. The carp will often follow these and so a new, fresh, chop is well worth exploring. On the contrary, carp will seek shelter from a cold wind. Calmer, quieter spots in the lee of an island, a sheltered bay, or a section of the lake with a heavily-wooded area, will be, again, well worth a look, just as long as there is suitable depth.