Rob Hughes

As hunters one of the best ways to increase our chances is to be stealthy. This applies to the way we look and behave on the bank and also what our presentation looks like below the surface. Camouflage and concealment is how we currently deal with this and hiding things or making them blend in, are the norm. However, blending in is difficult, and hiding stuff means it may have a knock on effect e.g. slackening lines off to hide them on the bottom affects the indication sensitivity

Camouflage or Invisibility?
If you could have camouflage or invisibility which would you prefer? The answer has to be invisibility, and over the past few years myself and Scott Day (one of the boffins in Fox product development) have worked on a range of products that are about as invisible as it gets when it comes to underwater concealment. Working with Scott is a little like being a 00 rated special agent and having a Q back at base who regularly issues his agents with new toys to make their job significantly easier, and between us I’m not ashamed to say we have created something particularly special here.

Would you prefer camouflage or invisibility?