Casting animal, Mark Bartlett, shares a few of his edges to help you gain those vital few extra yards…This article is not a ‘how to cast further’, the likes of which you will have seen a number of times before. If you want a casting lesson and to improve your technique then I’d say your best bet is to pay for casting lessons. Instead, I want to share with you a few areas in which you and the gear you use can add that extra percentage point, so to speak.

The obvious place to start is always the kit that you use. It’s a fact that, whatever your prowess with the carbon in hand, your tackle will have a huge effect on your results. Most anglers, when fishing up to 100 yards, say, shouldn’t need to change too much. But if you’re looking for those additional yards to really get you out there, you’ll need to give some changes a bit of thought.

I’ve been lucky enough to be using the brand-new Fox Horizon X5 of late and it’s an absolute beast of a wand. You may have seen some of the recent videos on which I’ve been able to hit silly distances with the X5. If you haven’t then check them out! Designed with casting in mind, made from the finest materials and constructed with power right where it’s needed, the X5 is taking casting to the next level. It’s on a different planet to any casting rod I have ever used and undoubtedly adds yards to proficient casters’ work. If you’re not ready for a rod like the X5 just yet then look for something with enough backbone to aid your casting and be sure to balance your setup.