Our very own, Harry Charrington, reveals 9 of his very best tips for fishing up against islands...

Islands are undoubtedly one of the most consistent fish producing features in almost any lake. They provide natural shelter for the carp and a margin they can patrol without fear. Harry Charrington has perfected his approach to this type of feature in recent years and has enjoyed great success casting up against them both at tricky syndicate venues and on busier day ticket venues in competitions. Here are his top 9 tips for fishing to islands.

Tip 1 - Get Close

When targeting an Island I will almost always try and fish right up against the bank if I can, as close as possible before you are in a tree or on the bank. Very often the margin will be undercut and the fish will sit right underneath the island. The majority of anglers I see will land 3-6 feet away from the island and for me that is just too far away, unless there is a really gradual slope as the island drops away. As long as you have around 2ft of water next to the island then the closer you fish, the more bites you will get.

Tip 2 - Cast From The Same Place

Inches really do matter in this instance, if your rig lands slightly too short it could drop off the shelf or if it goes too far you could be fishing for squirrels. Find a point in your swim such as a post, stump or a stone and do all of your casting from there from the start of your session to the end of your session to ensure you get it right every time.