Lee 'Mozza' Morris looks back through his carp fishing photo album to select his top 3 captures of all time...


1) Rainbow Lake - 1000 Scale

Well this fish is not only the biggest carp I've ever caught in my life but for it to come from a lake that its extra special to me such as the mighty Rainbow really does make the capture stand out in my memory. It really was a fairy tale story and an adventure I will never forget. The lake has more than tested me in the past leaving me a broken man at times. Rainbow is a place you go to to catch monsters and on this particular session I realised a dream to bank one of the true monsters of the lake. I was totally buzzing!

2) Nutsey Fish

Not only is this capture still my UK PB, but there was a lot of hard work and effort that went into catching it, which always makes the memory all the more sweeter. Not only did I study the carp's habits within the lake I knew exactly what swim I'd catch it from and what spot. I even designed a rig that would catch this fish so all that in itself makes the capture that extra special to me. The session that I caught the historic old fish was also the first time I had taken the missus fishing and it was the first carp that she ever saw on the bank so sharing this moment with a loved one really was the icing on the cake. Sadly the picture wasn't the best but thankfully my memories are as clear today as they were back then...

3) Frimley Fish With My Son

It's not necessarily the capture but more the moment this picture has captured that lives long in my memory. Although the capture of this fish was epic, coming from only a few feet of water in the margins, the thing that made it just so special was being able to share it with my son. I truly love sharing moments on the bank with him and moments like this where I catch something a little bit special really does make it for me. I think the shot says it all!