Andy Maker is a master of short sessions, fishing from his barrow and staying mobile, but when he does it is a little bit different to most…



There’s no doubt that short sessions, when fished correctly and with the right approach, can reap rewards. Be it a few hours after work or a day session, there are chances to be had for the angler willing to make the effort to go looking for them. This is the key for me, the angler’s motivation – if you’re not that bothered about making the effort to find an opportunity then you won’t do so.

Social media is awash with photographs of steaming kettles, sunsets or perfectly lined-up rods and I often give a wry smile when I see them. Lovely as these photographs are, my first thought is always ‘you’re blanking then!’

That’s not me; I go carp fishing to catch carp. Of course there is a social element or, conversely the chance to spend some time alone, but the number one objective is to catch fish.

A few years ago, my son Tom and I spent many a long day fishing the Walthamstow complex, racing around the place from first light until last, all in a bid to catch as many carp as we could. Very often, especially in Tom’s case, it would result in us catching more than most anglers on the complex. This is especially the case when it comes to the anglers who got in a swim and just stayed there for the entirely of their session.

Each to their own, and that’s fair enough. We all go fishing for our own reasons and I respect every angler in what they’re doing. Tom used to joke that while other anglers were content to sit it out, it meant our own chances increased as a result. Anyway, back in those days it really was all about getting an early start and making the most of every precious minute on the bank – for those of you who don’t know, Walthamstow is a day-only venue. Living in Kent, the journey was too long for us to waste time once we got there!

These days I find myself fishing a different type of short session all together, namely at the end of a longer one. Let me explain… If I’m fishing two nights, for example then I plan my trip to end on the evening of my last day, rather than the morning. Most people fish until a given morning and then pack away, whereas I treat that last day as a session in itself.