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Fox Transporter 24v Power Plus Barrow (including 2 x 9Ah 12v batteries and charger)

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  • The ultimate powered 3 wheeled Transporter Barrow designed to cope with the increased tackle demands of the long session angler
  • Huge 350w of power delivered by the 24v in-hub motor for best-in-class performance 
  • Thumb controller with forward and reverse gears 
  • Two rear 360 degree rotation Castor wheels 
  • Extendable length frame 
  • Extendable side rails 
  • Power box is positioned across the width of the frame and at the rear to ensure perfect balance and weight distribution. Rear wheel barrows need the weight to be spread evenly, unlike single wheeled barrows that require the weight “front loading”
  • 4 power indicator lights to show the battery power level 
  • Power shut off button 
  • Charger supplied can simply be plugged into the power box to reduce having to disconnect the batteries for each charge
  • IP68 rated waterproof connection cables positioned to ensure easy and compact break down of the frame, handles and wheel assembly
  • Ergonomically shaped, removable handles with cross brace and height adjustability for maximum comfort for all heights
  • Robust, hi-tensile steel frame that is built to last 
  • Pneumatic tyre. 
  • Supplied with 2 sets of Bucket Brackets for use with 17ltr Fox/Spomb Buckets 
  • Supplied with two FX Universal Barrow Straps 
  • Supplied with Camolite Under Barrow Bag sized to fit Camolite and Aquos 
  • Under Barrow Bag can be accessed from top or both sides, for easy access when fishing “off the barrow” 
  • Two 100% Polyester mesh storage pockets that sit either side of wheel 
  • perfect for storing items such as a 5ltr water bottle, the Aquos Multi Bag and bait