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Fox Exocet Fluoro Orange Mono

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  • Two new breaking strains added
  • 18lb (0.35) and 16lb (0.33)
  • Based on the immensely popular Exocet Distance Casting Monofilament
  • High visibility fluoro orange colour makes the line easy to see day and night
  • Seeing the line helps you avoid wiping out other lines when playing a fish
  • When fishing multiple rods on 1 baited spot at night, you can easily see if your lines are crossing after re-casting in dark
  • Low diameter and supple making it perfect for long range casting
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Sinks surprisingly well for such a supple line
  • High knot strength 
  • Low memory, reducing kink and twist in the line
  • Supplied on 1000m spools
  • Top Tip – For long casts and to avoid spooking the fish always use in conjunction with a shockleader material such as Armadillo Braided Leader or Edges Soft Tapered Leader.