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Fox EDGES™ Kling On Inline - 6oz to 10oz

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  • New design Kling On inline lead, ideal for boat fishing, holding bottom at long distances and fast flowing rivers
  • Moulded 3D camo texture
  • Low centre of gravity so maximum weight is applied to the hooklength as soon as possible
  • Robust camouflaged non-reflective rubberised matte coating
  • Kling on 6oz - 10oz in-line leads feature a slot down one side.
  • This allows them to be removed from the line for quick changing and safe, easy transit and storage
  • Swivels pull inside the in-line insert allowing ring and quick-change swivels to sit ‘sub-flush’ when used ‘drop-off’ style
  • Rubber in-line insert designed to not allow the lead to slide away unless specifically set-up to do so or removed and replace with a ‘drop-off’ set-up (this ensures you don’t lose these larger, more costly leads unintentionally).
  • In-line leads compatible with all ‘Edges’ in-line products (tadpole bead, drop-off kit etc.).
  • Available in 6oz/170g, 8oz/225g and 10oz/280g