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Fox EDGES™ Impact In-lines

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The new Edges Impact In-Line weight is possibly the best weight ever made for fishing with PVA Bags. It’s “weight-forward” design ensures your bags will fly straight and true, whilst your rig exits the weight from the centre; this ensures the fish instantly encounters the full impact of the weight upon straightening the hooklink, resulting in better hookholds and more fish on the bank. These have an open slot allowing for easy removal when packing away your rods and are available in 3oz (85g) and 4oz (113g) sizes.

  • Rig exits the weight from the centre to ensure the fish instantly encounters the full impact upon straightening the hooklink
  • Perfect for solid bag fishing, stalking and short to medium range casting
  • Flat sided weight ensures the lead always lands the correct way round. Just feather down the cast for added assurance
  • Unique design helps to set the hook and convert more pick ups
  • The open slot allows leads to be easily changed or removed for storage
  • Features Edges camo coating
  • Available in 3oz (85g) and 4oz (113g)