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Fox Ranger MK2 Camo Pod

Pregled proizvoda

  • Fox Camo version of the hugely popular Ranger MK2 rod pod
  • Ability to be converted from a standard Ranger pod leg configuration to a quad pod configuration (4 legged tri-pod) by moving legs from each end and moving them to the middle of the frame through the use of specially supplied shims
  • Only 2.5 rotations needed to lock legs in place
  • Each leg has six angle positions for great versatility
  • Supplied with 2 x 40cm, 2 x 45cm & 2 x 120cm legs
  • 4 x Karabiner mounting points to tie/weigh down the pod
  • Double Cam levers for extending central section
  • All brass threaded fittings (no oxidisation)
  • Supplied with carry case that has full length zip and large front storage pocket
  • Perfect for all manner of terrains and venue types including the largest continental lakes and rivers
  • 3-Rod and 4-Rod models available



Min Extension/Length = 88cm

Max Extension/Length = 160cm