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Fox EDGES™ Ready Tied Heli Rigs

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  • Three 750cm lengths of Edges 30lb Submerge lead-free leader
  • All three leaders have Edges Trans Khaki helicopter rig components setup in place
  • Features 3 x Heli Buffer Sleeves, 3 x 6mm Tapered Bore Bead, 3 x length 0.5mm Leader Silicone
  • Supplied with 3 x Flexi Ring Swivel plus 3 x Kwik Change Flexi Ring Swivels
  • Spliced loops at both ends so swivels can be changed via simple loop-to-loop connection
  • Allows you to loop-to-loop straight to the swivel on one of our ready-tied rigs
  • Available in Weedy Green and Gravelly Brown