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Fox Transporter 24v Power Barrow (including 2 x 9Ah 12v batteries and charger)

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  • Larger Powered version of the Transporter Barrow
  • Huge 250w of power delivered by the 24v in-hub motor for best-in-class performance 
  • Thumb controller with forward and reverse gears 
  • Power box is positioned across the width of the frame to ensure perfect balance 
  • 4 power indicator lights to show the battery power level 
  • Power shut off button 
  • Charger supplied can simply be plugged into the power box to reduce having to disconnect the batteries for each charge
  • IP68 rated waterproof connection cables positioned to ensure easy and compact break down of the frame, handles and wheel assembly 
  • Extendable front barrow bag rack 
  • Ergonomically shaped, removable handles with cross brace 
  • Robust, hi-tensile steel frame 
  • Pneumatic tyre. 
  • Swivelling mud feet with spiked bases 
  • Packs down to fit most car boots 
  • Supplied with 2 sets of Bucket Brackets for use with 10ltr Fox Buckets 
  • Supplied with two FX Universal Barrow Straps 
  • Supplied with Camolite Under Barrow Bag sized to fit Camolite and Aquos 
  • Under Barrow Bag can be accessed from top or both sides, for easy access when fishing “off the barrow” 
  • Two 100% Polyester mesh storage pockets that sit either side of wheel 
  • perfect for storing items such as a 5ltr water bottle, the Aquos Multi Bag and bait 
  • One large removable mesh pocket at the rear ideal for all those “pocket” items, keys and wallets etc