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Fox EDGES™ “Loaded” Large Tackle Box

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  • Large Loaded version of the Edges Tackle box
  • Supplied with: 1 x standard adjustable box, 1 x XL adjustable box, 1 x XL leader rack, 6 x hook boxes
  • Lid comprises of 49 individual compartments
  • Smoked tinted closers that allow products to be seen inside
  • Lid compartments feature our best in class pinned hinges
  • smoked tinted closers that allow products to be seen inside
  • When opened the lid stops at exactly 180 degrees, this makes tying up rigs with your tackle box on your lap easy
  • The lid also features a ruler on both the inside and outside to aid with rig tying
  • The base of the Tackle Box has been designed to accommodate all Edges internal boxes and accessories
  • Anything from rig tools and standard hooklength spools to larger leader style spools can perfectly fit in this box
  • The Tackle box also uses VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) this helps to slow down the corrosion of any tackle items should the inside get wet
  • 3 large dividers
  • 2 small dividers
  • 2 splitter dividers
  • 2 horizontal dividers
  • Dimensions 35cm x 25cm x7cm
  • Sticker pack included