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Fox Horizon X6 Rods

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The Horizon X6 Rod use cutting edge Torayca® Carbon Nanoalloy® Technology for a stronger, lighter, thinner blank with incredible recovery. The blank utilises multidirectional layers of thinner carbon cloth and nanofiber plus Nanoalloy® Technology to electro bond all together during the curing process, this is what gives it its incredible power for such a thin blank. A key point for us was to retain a high quality playing action, with these rods offering a subtle cushioning to ensure hook pulls are reduced. The all new American Tackle Ti-forged Air guides are super lightweight and help to create the ultimate distance rods. Using these exceptional new guides makes undoubtably aid your distance casting and make baiting up with a Spomb or Spod effortless.


  • Ultra high modulus Torayca® carbon
  • Stronger, lighter, thinner blank
  • Multidirectional Nanofibre
  • Incredible casting power
  • Interlaminar resin
  • Nanoalloy® Technology
  • Reinforced carbon power joints
  • 1k carbon wrap
  • Japanese Shrink Wrap handle grips
  • Understated cosmetics
  • 50mm – 16mm American Tackle Ti-Forged Air guides
  • Fuji 18mm DPS gunsmoke reel seat


  • Available in:

CRD343           Horizon X6 - 12ft 3.25lb Full shrink

CRD344           Horizon X6 - 12ft 3.75lb Full shrink

CRD345           Horizon X6 - 13ft 3.75lb Full shrink

CRD346           Horizon X6 - 12ft Spod / Marker Full shrink

CRD347           Horizon X6 - 13ft Spod / Marker Full shrink

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