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Duo-Lite FX
The Duo Lite FX Multi Tip is the perfect rod for the modern river specialist, offering a 1.75lb hollow tip, which is ideal for all barbel fishing techniques. The quiver section accepts two push in tips rated at 4oz and 6oz that are suitable for low river conditions or extra sensitivity when chub fishing. A 3K/2K carbon wrap gives real power through the middle section to tame big fish quickly, but with enough sensitivity in the tip to pick up bites when touch legering and to cushion hook holds. 16mm Fuji DPS reel seat.

TWIN TIP 1.75 / 2.25LB
The Duo-Lite FX Twin Tip is available in 11ft and 12ft versions with 1.75lb and 2.25lb hollow tops to cope with the most extreme conditions. The 1.75lb tip is ideal for all methods of barbel fishing whilst the 2.25lb tip is more powerful and is capable of coping with heavy feeders on big rivers and dealing with the biggest barbel. With double legged guides throughout for durability and a delightfully powerful through action, combined with a steely lower middle to butt section, this is the ultimate all round big fish rod. 17mm Fuji DPS reel seat.

This is a powerful specialist rod designed to tame big barbel in big rivers or floodwater, using heavy leads and big feeders. The powerful blank has a stiff butt to middle section to deliver real power, with flexibility at the very top to cushion leads and feeders in heavy water and to aid bite detection. Guides are double legged for durability and sized and spaced to prevent clogging with the weed and debris so often associated with extreme river conditions.

• Solid top sections with 35cm high visibility sight tip
• Two push in quiver tips: 4oz and 6oz carbon (Duo-Lite FX Multi Tip only)
• 40-44cm high grade full cork handle
• Fox double legged SLIK Guides throughout
• 18mm Fuji DPS reel seat
Duo-Lite FX Twin Tip
Code Length Test Curve Reel Seat Guides (Butt-Tip)
ARD039 12ft 1.75/2.25lb Fuji 17mm DPS 25mm to 8mm
ARD040 11ft 1.75/2.25lb Fuji 17mm DPS 25mm to 8mm
Duo-Lite FX Specimen
Code Length Test Curve Reel Seat Guides (Butt-Tip)
ARD041 12ft 2.75lb Fuji 18mm DPS 30mm to 10mm
Duo-Lite FX Multi Tip
Code Length Test Curve Reel Seat Guides (Butt-Tip)
ARD042 12ft 1.75lb Fuji 17mm DPS 25mm to 8mm
Duo-Lite FX Options
Code Details RRP  
ARD039 Duo-Lite FX - Twin Tip Barbel 12ft POA Store Locator more
ARD042 Duo-Lite FX - Multi Tip Barbel POA
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