Deluxe Large Double

Deluxe Large Double
Product Overview
The F-Box Deluxe Set is fully fitted with integral storage units which are designed to accommodate a multitude of carp fishing tackle items. The box itself is based on a unique double sided design which maximises storage space and allows easy access to tackle components.

The high impact, injection moulded construction produces a rigid and hard wearing design which features waterproof sealed lids, long last hinges and reliable slide lock closures. The compartments are adjustable in size using the supplied sub dividers and the box comes fully fitted with the following components:

  • Deep partition Large x 4

  • Deep partition Medium x 4

  • Deep partition Small x 8

  • Shallow partition Large x 4

  • Shallow partition Medium x 4

  • Shallow partition Small x4

  • Spool Dispensers x 5

  • 8 compartment x 2

  • Rig Boards x 2

  • Flip Top x 2

  • 2 compartment x 1

  • 4 compartment x 1

  • 8 compartment shallow x 1

  • 4 compartment shallow x 1

  • Rig Rack Multi/single x 1
F-Box F Box storage solutions
by Stefan Hanff

Having to adapt to very different fishing situations throughout my guiding season, I need to be able to carry a whole range of tackle accessories. Being so often on the move, I need for it to be tidy and accessible at all times, but also comprised within a system both compact and robust! Enters the F Box Deluxe range. These sturdy boxes have got all the features to tick all those, well… boxes!

The strong moulded base is closed by a UV resistant lid protecting the rubber or plastic accessories. The lid is secured via locking hinges, eliminating the risk of the box getting open during transit. The base has got both fixed partitions to accommodate F boxes compartments, and removable partitions to personalize the box to your needs.

The deluxe models come with a selection of compartments, but there are also 20 different storage solutions to adapt the boxes to your needs. Finally, the whole range of latest Fox tackle accessories, starting with the awesome Armapoint hooks or Coretex hooklinks, come in packaging that not only protects them efficiently, but fit snug in the F boxes!

I have been using the boxes for over three years now. As the pictures show, they provide an efficient way of keeping everything at hand and tidy. Finally, I particularly like the latest addition to the Range, the rig boards, enabling me to store readymade hooklinks. Effectively, for me once on the bank, an angler’s eyes should be on the water as much as possible, and tying should be kept to a minimum!

The system is so effective that year on year, I see clients coming back with their own F Box in their luggage!
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