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A nice scaly mirror for John Claridge #thesyndicate #edgeshooks #edges #chunk
Don't forget to head to the Syndicate section of foxint.com for your chance to win not 1 but 2 of our brand new EOS 12000 reels!
***The Retreat+ Compact***
All you could ever need in a compact pram-hood style bivvy! #retreat #bivvy #carpfishing #bivvysofinstagram
The girth of that thing! #chunk
EOS 12000 FS coming to a fox stockist near you very soon 👍👍👍
👍 to @scottie_day who is having a dream session out at Rainbow lake #edgeshooks
Not a bad best 4 so far for @scottie_day #edgeshooks
@scottie_day is still catching the chunks! Another 65lb common has be returned this morning! #edgeshooks
If you'd like the chance to win these beauties simply go to our website, join the Syndicate and then enter within the exclusive members only area of the website 👍
3 new Easy Dome Maxi models coming soon!
The Machine with a lovely scaly 20 from a recent session #edgeshooks #edges #thesyndicate
Retreat+ 1Man Bivvy
If you are after a new home for the winter then check this out! #retreat #carpfishing #bivvysofinstagram
Massive well done to @scottie_day on the capture of this 72lb 15oz common this morning - once again the#chunk was landed on a new Edges Wide Gape Beaked hook
Fx13s are this weeks Product of the Week in @carptalkmag
A big well done to @lewis_from_fox on the capture of this immense 67lb Belgian #chunk which he banked on one of the #edges Medium Curve hooks
The second double page spread looking at our new releases in the new @carpologyofficial
The Retreat+ 2man Bivvy is our most feature packed bivvy ever! We certainly could not fit them all into 60seconds! But here is a taste of what you can expect from this enormadon! #bivvysofinstagram #retreat #carpfishing
Those new #edgeshooks are getting a good work out today over at Rainbow - @foxmcspod has just returned this #chunk of 57lb!
@scottie_day is at it again! This time 62lb+ of common carp taken once again in snaggy conditions on the new #edges Wide Gape Beaked hook #edgeshooks #chunk
One of two double page spreads that @carpologyofficial have given our new products in their new issue! 👍👍👍

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The St Lawrence Experience

by Adam Clewer

Fox-sponsored Adam Clewer has just returned from a cracking session at the aptly titled, St Lawrence Experience’ in upstate New York, America and has kindly agreed to share these experiences here on foxint.com!

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