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Edges Curve Shank hooks are coming very very soon! And have been pretty damn good in testing! #nailed #pukka #edgeshooks #curveshank #spurgeon
Don't forget Chilly's new book Fanning The Flames is available to buy now!
Sherpa-Tec Jacket
It's now Winter and also pretty cold! Keep yourself warm with the new Sherpa-Tec Jacket. #sherpa #chunk #toastie
Make sure you sign up by 11am if you want to be emailed the link for The Challenge later today! If not you'll get to see it next week 👍 #thesyndicate
A lovely #chunk for @tom_maker from our recent DVD filming trip to Ribiere in France #thesyndicate #edgesvolume5
Been to the awesome Cromwell Lakes today with @markpitchers and we think he approves of the facilities! 😂
Syndicate members will get to see Episode 13 of the Challenge this Friday evening! #thesyndicate
A lovely shot this morning from Chilly #thesyndicate
EOS 12000FS
The new EOS 12000FS reels represent exceptional value for money and are in stock now. #eos #carpfishing
If you're a member of #thesyndicate then you'll get to watch The Challenge with @markpitchers this Friday evening!
Carp Wars starts this week on Sky Sports and it looks set to be highly entertaining!
That feeling when you have just slipped back a unit! @tom_maker doing the business whilst at Ribiere in France last week. 
#edges #carpfishing
A carp getting nailed on our new Edges Medium Curve Shank hook, with a little help from a @stickybaitsofficial Pink Krill Pop-up
#carpfishing #underwater #edgeshooks #edges #thekrill
A lot of reel for less than £100! 
#carpfishing #carpreel #12000
Check out Carpology's website for an exclusive competition!
To clip or not to clip? That is the question...
Let's go fishing!!!! #edgeshooks #chunk #thesyndicate #edges
Have a nice weekend all!
Single sticks, buzz bars or pods? What floats your boat? #thesyndicate

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