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Warrior® S Spod & Marker

Product Overview


The Warrior S Spod is a very impressive piece of kit that has a 5.5lb test curve and is more than capable of casting a loaded spod well in excess of 140yds.


  • DPS-style reel seat
  • Fox Slik Guides
  • Outstanding value for money
  • 5.5lb test curve
  • Complements other rods in Warrior S range


This stylish marker rod benefits from many same features as the other rods in the Warrior S range and in our opinion offers unrivalled value for money. It has a stiff 3lb test curve that allows you to cast marker floats a very long way and also helps you feel every little knock and bump on the lake or riverbed when feature finding.


  • DPS-style reel seat and Fox Slik guides
  • Whipped markings at 6ins (15cm) and 12ins (30cm) for easy depth location
  • Stiff 3lb test curve allowing for long casts and also transmitting the topography of the lakebed