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Warrior® Arm Chair

Product Overview

One of our best selling chairs of all time, the Warrior Arm Chair has comfortable arm rests, a padded cover and adjustable front legs making it perfect for both long and short sessions alike. We have now added a bigger Warrior for those anglers that believe bigger is better and in addition to the new XL Warrior Arm Chair we have also released a much smaller, more compact version.

  • Natural green colours
  • Comfortable arm rests
  • Padded cover
  • Easily foldable
  • Adjustable front legs


Warrior Compact Arm Chair
Height: 40cm
Seat Depth: 38cm
Seat Width: 48cm
Back Height: 53cm

Warrior Arm Chair
Height: 40-49cm
Seat Depth: 41cm
Seat Width: 49cm
Back Height: 64cm

Warrior XL Arm Chair
Height: 40-51cm
Seat Depth: 41cm
Seat Width: 53cm
Back Height: 64cm