Rig Board Racks

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Product Overview

The original Fox Box System has become the first choice of tackle storage for a huge number of anglers. This classic modular format has been redesigned and restyled as the F-box with genuine improvements including waterproof rubber seals, non mix compartments, super strong hinges, reliable slide closure and practical ergonomic styling to make tiny tackle items
easily accessible.

Double sided Fox Rig Racks provide a practical, functional and convenient system for hook link storage. The adjustable sliders accommodate a wide range of varying lengths and hold each rig under light tension. With coated, nylon or stiff rigs this induces a ‘set’ and results in neat, finely tuned presentations.

This Short Rig Rack is designed to house 24 pre-tied hook links each of up to a maximum of 8.5 inches in length.

This Long Rig Rack is designed to house 12 rigs each of up to 11.25 inches in length.

This Multi Rig Rack will house 6 rigs of up to 11.25 inches on one side and a further 12 rigs of up to 8.5 inches long on the other.