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Marker Pole Kit

Product Overview

  • Perfect for anglers that use boats 
  • Designed to be left out in the lake to mark spots/areas
  • Allows for accurate, baiting up, and rig placement 
  • Features Fox orange blanking cap and light reflective tape at top
  • Increased wall thickness for strength and buoyancy
  • Supplied with a 1.45kg weight
  • Weight designed with pivoting pole attachment.
  • When a fish is hooked and the line comes into contact with the pole, the pole pivots allowing the line to slide up and off the pole snag free
  • Total length 4.75m
  • Poles supplied: 3 x 1m, 1 x 0.5m, 1 x 0.75m
  • 1 x 0.5m top section
  • Supplied in a carry case